Highlights and Clients

Mistique has arranged events for top media personalities and produced Bally Sagoo’s gorgeous wedding reception two years ago. For that main occasion, the heartthrob opted for classy evening glamour with starcloths decorating the Heythrop Park hotel in Oxford. Other locations the company have worked on include the Savill Court hotel, the Waldorf Hilton and most challenging so far, a distinctive ‘double’ transformation of the Grosvenor House hotel from morning Hindu wedding to full-blown,fairytale reception for 800.

The Path to Events Organising

First established ten years ago as a party organising, promotions company. By 2003, Mistique’s profile grew thanks to putting on concerts to corporate events. Not to mention bringing across prestigious live PAs from the States such as Destiny’s Child and Usher. This success led to natural expansion by word of mouth into the wedding arena and into areas from theming and draping to décor and music. The majority of services offered are now dealt with in-house.

Why Use an Events Company?

Because we do the installations ourselves, we understand the logistics and the bigger picture. From a client’s point of view, what will be sold will be exactly as described and not come as a surprise on the day. It stems from professional experience at making the practical happen behind themes and dreams, rather than talking round a portfolio and contracting out to others. All of our services are on-site; the only ones not in-house are the specialized such as entertainers, ice sculptures and chocolate fountains. An events company such as ours offers a one-stop package under one roof – and also turn up on the day to sort things out. In the long run, it can mean less of a headache in having to find and keep track of, say five separate services to achieve the whole production.